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Avoid a Race with Death to the County Recorder’s Office at

Death bed transfers to sever joint tenancy in real property require strict compliance with California Civil Code Section 683.2(c).  Either before the death of the severing joint tenant, the quit claim deed to severe joint tenancy is recorded in the county where the real property is located; or the quit claim deed to severe joint […]

Alternatives to Probate

Overview An estate is all property owned by the person who has died (the “decedent”).  A decedent’s property includes life insurance proceeds on life insurance policies owned by the decedent. Administration of an estate is paying the debts of decedent, paying income taxes owed by the estate and decedent, paying estate taxes owed by the […]

Assets Titled inTrust Avoid Probatte

Assets transferred into a Trust avoid probate A Trust is a contract between the creator of the Trust, (the “Settlor”) and a Trustee for the benefit of another person, (the “beneficiary”). The Trust is created while the person is living, hence the term “living trust.”  Typically at the date of creation of the Trust the […]